I am a full time San Diego based ceramic artist. Fabricating whimsical and very colorful one-of-a-kind hand built clay (white stoneware) slab pieces. My sculptures embody the figurative and the abstract. I explore the versatility of clay through my ideas and these ideas drive the form of the sculpture. Sometimes steel, glass, and/or gold leaf are added to the piece because that visual addition pleases me. The work is all low fired (cone 03) to achieve bright candy like colored glazes.

I love working in clay to create wall plaques, abstract forms, totems, masks, and contemporary figurative pieces. The figures are faceless so that the viewer can concentrate on the body language expressed through posture and gesture. The easily interpreted “message” of the piece is derived from many sources: the circus, candy, children & toys, books, movies, plays, my own musings, and traveling.

I never tire of exploring all the possibilities with clay. The ideas just keep rolling in. I continue to enjoy throwing myself into chasing the most effective route of conveying all the wonderful contrasts, joy, and excitement of the life around me.

If you would like to learn more:
(619) 563-8981