Moni Blom

My first experience revolving around clay occurred when my parents took us on a weekend trip to Garian, a little town built from clay in Libya. A very thin shirtless potter was “throwing” a 5 foot tall olive oil vessel. The power for this feat was generated by a donkey walking in circles around the potter’s wheel! Fascinating and inspiring!

Interest in working with clay never waned from that point on. While attending high school, I studied wheel throwing with two well-known ceramicists Vic and Pat Bracke in Bakersfield, California. I graduated from Mount Holyoke College (South Hadley, Massachusetts) with Studio Art and Education degrees that lead to formative years of teaching ceramics and stone and wood carving at the Catalina Island School. Post graduate ceramic classes including welding and bronze casting at San Diego State University launched me into the arena of being a full time ceramic studio artist.

I show and sell my work at juried art shows in California and Arizona as well as exhibiting in museum shows. My hand built slab sculptures, masks, totems, and wall pieces are in the collections of commercial enterprises and private individuals.  I teach several workshops a year and continue to broaden my scope with ongoing educational and cultural events and being a member of Clay Artists in San Diego.